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Leadership Institute

Credential Descriptions 

Hello Spirit Life Ministries Family!  I am excited to introduce to you the Leadership Institute of Spirit Life Ministries, which is the primary training/credentialing source of the Conference.  Whether you desire a credential or simply want to learn more about God’s Word and work, this program may be for you.  It is typically a three-year process that includes:


Year 1 – Local Church Minister’s License: Students must complete six online courses to obtain a local church minister’s license. 


Year 2 – Minister’s License: Students must complete eight courses, in addition to the previous six courses, to obtain a Conference Minster’s License.  These courses are held both in person and online.


Year 3 – Certificate of Ordination: Students must complete eight courses, in addition to the previous fourteen courses, to obtain a certificate of ordination.  These courses are held both in person and online.  


Each course consists of a capable instructor to lecture on the subject matter, a textbook to read, and an assignment for completion.  In-person classes meet on the third Saturday of each month at the SLM Conference Training Center starting at 9 am.  This is a time of powerful instruction and interaction.  Typically, class is over around 1 pm or just before. 


Fees for this program are reasonable.  For those desiring to be credentialed the cost is $50 per course, plus a one-time fee of $75 for an application/background check.  For those auditing courses for personal growth, the cost is $25 per course (no application process necessary/no assignments required).  


Students may also receive Bible college credit for completion of certain courses offered by the SLM Leadership Institute through Holmes Bible College in Greenville, South Carolina.  Please inquire for more information concerning this matter.   


I trust this enlightens you concerning the Ministerial Credentials Program of the SLM Conference.  Please feel free to reach out to me or my assistant, Rev. Ms. Donna Lance in the Conference office, for more information and to obtain your application to begin this process.  




L. Brent Lollis, Director 

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Reverend Dr. Brent Lollis
Director of Leadership Institute


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