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Teaching Resources

     As worshipers, we know the importance of prayer and the Word! Below are resources that can be used to train and equip your worship team and churches to become houses of prayer AND worship. Worship is so rarely taught in our churches today that few find value in it at all. We have become so “familiar” with the things of God that we have forgotten what true intimacy with the Father looks like!


A.W. Tozer best said it when he said…

Worship is no longer worship when it reflects the culture around us more than the Christ within us.

Teaching Resources:

Coming Soon

Books Every Team Should Read:

  • Humility (Andrew Murray)
  • Counterfeit gods (Timothy Keller)
  • Let Us Worship (Judson Cornwall)
  • Let Us Praise (Judson Cornwall)
  • Clear The Stage: Making Room For God (Scott Wilson, John Bates, Billy Wilson)
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