The 2020 CLIP (Clergy Life Insurance Program through Reliance Standard Life Insurance) will have open enrollment October 7 through November 29, 2019. Any clergy member 65 years old or younger may enroll during this time. Newly licensed or ordained clergy members can enroll immediately following the conference session. Please remember to get the signed beneficiary for each participant.


Next year, there will be a slight increase in class 1 and 2 Clergy/Employees and a decrease in class 1 Dependents. Another change will be that dependents/spouses are now included with the clergy member’s/employee’s name and rate instead of separately on your conference participants list. For your reference, I’ve added the 2019 and 2020 rates below. As always, please let me know if you have any questions.


2020 Classes & Premium Rates

Class 1 Employee - $74.10

Class 1 Employee & Spouse - $102.60

Class 2 Employee - $37.05

Class 2 Employee & Spouse - $65.55


2019 Premiums

Class 1 Employee - $71.22

Class 1 Dependent - $49.38

Class 2  Employee - $32.37

Class 2  Dependent - $22.44


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